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In the 1940s, Anne Gwynne's loveliness was used to great advantage in the Feb 15, 1943 LIFE magazine issue.  Anne's beauty & charisma also graced a Look magazine cover.  Yank magazine, the WW II magazine that went to all the armed forces, had Anne Gwynne as a pin-up girl five times.  Hollywood magazine had Ms Gwynne on a striking cover. Not only did Anne Gwynne appear in magazines and on magazine covers in the USA, but foreign ones as well, such as ALLas in Sweden.

Look Magazine

Hollywood Magazine

ALLas Magazine [Sweden]

USO Tour

Yank Magazine


A Universal Pictures ingénue and leading lady, Anne Gwynne had to relax and have fun.  Being a star meant being photographed constantly and, during WW II, going on Hollywood USO tours plus working at The Hollywood Canteen.  Ms. Gwynne helped keep the morale up with men of the armed forces of the United States all over the country.

Having Fun


Casting (!)


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