Adam at 6 A.M.
A National General Release
A Solar Production (a Steve McQueen Co.)
for Cinema Center Films

Directed by Robert Scheerer
Written by Stephen & Elinor Karpf
Produced by Rick Rosenberg and Robert Christiansen
Executive Producers Robert E. Relyea

Released September 23, 1970
Editor's Note: From Universal Studio's "Babes on Swing Street", Kirby Grant - the future "Sky King" - with Anne Gwynne.  Far right is Ralph Hodges, and third from the left is Robert Scheerer, who went on to direct "Adam At 6 A.M."

A picture in which the acting rules.  Here's a screen story which explodes a contemporary myth that rural life is somehow nobler than the allegedly corrupt habits of urban existence, is a notable and welcome event.

Michael Douglas, a new Ph.D. (in semantics) becomes disenchanted with the cardboard materialism of urban life, as portrayed endlessly and artificially in celluloid.

Subtly, Douglas discovers that rural virtues and human nature are no different in substance than those he ran away from: father Richard Derr, mother Anne Gwynne (in rare screen appearance but once one of Universal's most active contract players), and Meg Foster, his girlfriend: Some excellent supporting vignettes.

Script and direction do leave Douglas' character hanging,
but with a host of quality actors in support, there emerges a significance in the characterizations, a poignancy in the personal portraits.

From the editor: a review such as this, written in 1970, thirty-one years after the beginning of Anne Gwynne's motion picture career, stands as a testament to:

     * her work constantly in demand, making films, while
         under contract

     * her being noted above, a "quality actor"

     * an actor able to deliver significant characterizations, and
        poignant portraits throughout her motion picture career.

We hope visitors to Ms. Gwynne's site get to have the opportunity of viewing some of her films.  Watch.  You'll be pleased.



Michael Douglas

Lee Purcell

Joe Don Baker

Anne Gwynne ... Mrs. Gaines

Marge Redmond

Louise Latham

Grayson Hall

Dana Elcar

Meg Foster


Stephen & Elinor Karpf- Writer

Robert Scheerer- Director

Rick Rosenberg & Robert Christiansen- Producers

Charles Rosher- Cinematographer

Jack McSweeney- Editor

Dave Grusin- Music

Dale Hennesey- Art Director


Copyright 2001, 2010