Babes On Swing Street
Universal Pictures

Directed by Edward Lilley
Written by Howard Dinsdale and Eugene Conrad
Story by Brenda Weisberg
A Bernard W. Burton Production

Released September 20, 1944

This yarn has Miss Ryan as president of Settlement House group of scholastics who decide to stage night dance spot for younger folk in order to send 10 of group to music school.  Ann Blyth aids to secure hall owned by her crusty aunt, Alma Kruger, but there are several stoplights before the show finally goes on with final approval of the aunt. (Anne Gwynne is 2nd from the left side in picture above.)



Ann Blyth

Peggy Ryan

Andy Devine

Anne Gwynne ... Frances Carlyle

Leon Errol

Kirby Grant

Joan Preisser

Marion Hutton, 
Freddie Slack Orchestra
The Rubenettes


Howard Dinsdale and Eugene Conrad- Writers

Brenda Weisberg- Story

Edward Lilley- Director 

Bernard W. Burton- Producer

Jerome Ash- Cinematographer

Fred R. Feitshans, Jr.- Editor

Sam Freed, Jr.- music

Louis DePron- dances

Sidney Miller and Inez James- songwriters

Full Storyline

Barber Joe Costello prefers to let his teenage daughter Trudy shave his customers while he plays the accordion. One day, Trudy's wealthy heiress friend, Carol Curtis, arrives at the Costello barber show and announces that Mr. Ansel of the Randall Institute of Music has agreed to audition the local kids for his private school. After the audition, Ansel agrees to offer the group ten scholarships, but informs the talented youngsters that there is still a minimum fee of twenty dollars per month.

While the youngsters try to devise ways to raise the needed tuition money, Carol's snobbish spinster aunt Martha sets up trust funds for both her absentminded brother Malcolm and Carol from the family's vast real estate holdings. Meanwhile, teenagers Billy Harper and Corny Panatowski come up with the idea of opening a nightclub to raise the tuition money, and Carol offers to help them find a hall in which to house it. Learning of the youngsters' plights, Malcolm suggests that they convert the empty Curtis Hall into a nightclub, something he had been considering doing himself with band leader Freddie Slack.

Knowing that his sister would never agree to such an idea, Malcolm convinces Martha that he needs the empty building as a studio for his oil painting. After a great deal of hard work, "Chez Enfants" prepares for its grand opening, but Carol is upset by the return of blonde bombshell Fern Wallace, her rival for Billy's affections. Martha then discovers Malcolm's scheme the day before the club's grand opening and orders the building evacuated. Afterward, Fern falsely accuses Carol of deliberately closing the show, and convinces Billy of as much.

The next day, Malcolm pretends to be suicidal, so Martha agrees to reopen the club. When she discovers her brother's latest deception, however, she attempts to close it once again. Martha's plans are thwarted by the absentminded Malcolm, who learns that he is now fifty-two years old and, according to his parent's will, has already inherited the hall. The club is a big success, and Martha receives many mistaken congratulations from society friends who are in attendance. Malcolm is then granted his full inheritance, and Carol and Billy are finally united.


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