The Enchanted Valley
An Eagle Lion Release

Directed by Robert Emmett Tansey
Written by Frances Kavanaugh

A Jack Schwarz Production

Released March 24, 1948

Flick should delight most juvenile patrons.  The central character is a creature of the forest, a great lover of nature.  In this case, it is Donn Gift, as a crippled youth who likes the simple things in life.  Tranquility is erased when two payroll bandits and their femme companion show up.  Their arrival is just in time to spice things up.  

After that, all leads to gangster chief reforms and goes straight through the ministrations of the crippled youngster.  Anne Gwynne as the gangster sweetheart also reforms in favor of the great outdoors.



Alan Curtis

Anne Gwynne ... Midge

Charley Grapewin

Donn Gift

Joseph Crehan

Al La Rune

Rocky Cameron


Frances Kavanaugh- Writer

Robert Emmett Tansey- Director 

Jack Schwarz- Producer

Ernie Miller- Cinematographer

George McGuire Editor

Full Storyline

Timmy, a crippled youngster, and his grandfather live an idyllic existence on a remote farm, where Timmy enjoys the company of many wildlife friends. One night, their peace is disturbed by the arrival of armored car robber Johnny Nelson, his girl friend, Midge Gray (Anne Gwynne), and sidekick, Bugs Mason, who are on the run not only from the police, but from gangster Menelli, who thinks that Johnny has double-crossed him.

When Johnny, who intends to use the farm as a hideout until they can arrange to leave the country, passes out, Grandpa removes a bullet from his chest. Later, after Timmy takes them fishing and they meet many of his wildlife companions, Johnny and Midge begin to fall under the spell of the peaceful valley. However, Pretty Boy, one of Menelli's henchmen, finds them and tells Johnny that Menelli wants half of the robbery money.

Johnny and Pretty Boy then struggle for possession of a gun, and Pretty Boy is killed. Later, Grandpa is escorted by Midge and Bugs to a nearby village to do some shopping and, upon his return, shows Johnny a poster he found at the post office, announcing a $10,000 reward for his capture. Police Chief Scott, who has been tailing Pretty Boy, comes to the cabin and confronts Johnny, but decides not to arrest him yet as he wants to recover the money, which Johnny has hidden.

Later, Scott tells Johnny that Menelli has found out about Pretty Boy and is coming after him, and suggests that if he turns himself in, he may only receive a four-year sentence. Aware that the reward money could be claimed by Grandpa, who has been saving for an operation on Timmy's foot, Johnny agrees to consider this, as both he and Midge have grown fond of the youngster. However, Grandpa has a heart attack while plowing and, before dying, asks Johnny to take care of Timmy.

Johnny and Bugs decide to give themselves up, but as they are about to leave, Menelli and his men show up and kill Bugs. Menelli is about to kill Johnny, but is distracted by a bear cub, which he then shoots. After the cub's mother attacks and kills Menelli, Johnny gives himself up. The next day, as Johnny leaves with Scott, Timmy and Midge tell him that they will wait for his return.


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