a.k.a. "Trouble's My Middle Name"
Universal Pictures
Directed by Harold Schuster
Written by Roy Chanslor

Released May 22, 1940

 Plot formula No. 23, the one about the cute kid reporter who outsmarts the cops and unravels a murder mystery as a scooperoo for his paper, is given still another workout in "Framed."  Dashing young reporter is diabolically framed on a murder rap by the culprits.

     However, the reporter is a pure Hollywood fabrication, so he crosses up the varmints, and even has his city editor and the photographers present for the denouement.  Amusing touch to the picture is the finale in which a realistically unimpressed rewrite man yawningly takes Our Hero's story over the phone.



Frank Albertson

Constance Moore

Jerome Cowan

Robert Armstrong

Sidney Blackmer

Judith Allen

Milbur Stone

Anne Gwynne as Collette


Roy Chanslor- Writer

Harold Schuster- Director 

Jerome Ash- Cinematographer

Full Storyline

When reporter Henry T. Parker informs Skippy, his city editor, that he is quitting the newspaper business to write the great American novel, Skippy persuades the reporter to cover one last story, the disappearance of prominent sportsman Walter Billings whom Hank recently persuaded to testify against blackmailer Tony Bowman.

At a bar, Hank meets Monty de Granville, a society reporter, who tells Hank that he overheard that Billings was hiding out at the Hotel McAdams. Hank goes to the hotel, and just as he persuades Billings to testify, a shot rings out and Billings falls dead. Hank crashes into the bedroom and runs into Phyllis Sanderson, Billings' secretary, who has just entered from the hallway.

Fleeing the scene of the crime, Hank hears a radio broadcast that reveals his press card was found at the scene of the crime and that he is wanted for murder. Realizing that he has been framed, Hank eludes the police and seeks out Monty, who tells him that he learned of Billings' hideout through Bowman's stooge, Matthew Mattison, and his girl friend, Goldie Green. After renting an ambulance, Hank dons an intern's uniform and leads Monty and Phyllis in search of the murderer.

When Phyllis remembers smelling the scent of rare perfume in Billings' room, Hank traces the perfume to Gwen Porter, one of Bowman's lady friends, but a bullet from Bowman kills her before she can talk. After a phone call to Skippy reveals who framed him with the phony press card, Hank persuades Monty to return to the hotel to look for further evidence. In Billings' room, Monty shoves a gun into Hank's back, but before he can shoot, the lights switch on, revealing Skippy with photographers and the police.

Hank then explains that Monty was supplying Bowman with information for his extortion racket and, fearful of exposure, killed Billings while Bowman killed Gwen. Hank continues that he became supicious of Monty upon learning that he left the reporter's card at the scene of the murder. With the case solved, Hank and Phyllis inform Skippy that they are going away to live the great American novel


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