I Ring Doorbells
A PRC Release

Directed by Frank Strayer
Written by Dick Irving Hyland
Based on book by Russell Birdwell
Adaptation by Hyland and Raymond L. Schrock
A Martin Mooney Production

Released Jan 2, 1946

Yarn of high pressure news-hawk, his romance with a femme feature writer and his accidental solving of a murder.
     Robert Shayne and Anne Gwynne make personable leads and contrive to help things out considerably while Roscoe Karns supplies his usual comedy as a news photographer.
   Shayne returns to his old reporting job after flunking as a playwright and puts himself through various adventures as a star reporter.  Murder melodrama enters into scheme of things when his publisher has him trying to get the goods on a gold-digging blonde out for the old man's son.  Shayne courts the blonde's French maid so he can stash a camera in the girl's apartment. The blonde is bumped off, Shayne produces his film of the crime and breaks alibi of the killer, who turns out to be the newspaper's drama crtic !! 



Anne Gwynne ... Brooke

Robert Shayne

Roscoe Karns

Pierre Watkin

Harry Shannon

John Eldredge


Dick Irving Hyland- Writer 

Russell Birdwell- Book

Hyland & Raymond L. Schrock- Adaptation

Frank Strayer- Director 

Martin Mooney- Producer

Benjamin Kline- Cinematographer

George McGuire- editor

Erdody- Music
(credit quote)

Full Storyline

Outside the Los Angeles Mirror building, former reporter Dick Meadows meets news photographer Stubby. Dick left the paper three years earlier when a play he had written was optioned and now wants his old job back. Although Stubby informs him that the paper recently dismissed two reporters, Dick is able to persuade G. B. Barton, the paper's owner, to rehire him. While they chat, G. B.'s son Clyde arrives with his girl friend, Helen Carter, of whom G. B. does not approve.

The next day, Dick and Stubby look into a story about a farmer named Bradley, who is about to be run off his farm. Dick encourages Bradley to hold out against the authorities while he tries to generate public support. At the Bradley farm, Dick meets Brooke Peters (Anne Gwynne), who tells him that she is a local teacher. Dick then invites her to bring some of her students to the paper. Back at the paper, Dick is surprised to learn that his former mentor, Tippy Miller, is now working there. G. B. explains that Tippy began to drink after his wife died, and his work is no longer up to standard.

Later, Brooke, now more stylishly dressed than she was in the country, hires some street urchins to pretend to be her students and disrupt Dick's office. As she is leaving, Stubby recognizes her as a magazine writer and persuades her to accompany him to the office to observe the results of her joke. To Brooke's disappointment, things are quiet in the office as Dick enthralls the boys with stories of his reporting triumphs. Dick is delighted to see Brooke again, however, and they have a drink together.

Later, in hopes of ending his son's relationship with Helen, G. B. asks Dick to look into her background. After Dick befriends Helen's French maid, Yvette, he breaks a date with Brooke, prompting a quarrel. Using his friendship with Yvette to gain access to Helen's apartment, Dick helps Stubby rig a camera to go off automatically when someone sits on the couch. Meanwhile, Dick learns that his stories have inspired the governor to intervene on Bradley's behalf.

Some time later, Stubby retrieves the exposed film from the hidden camera, which contains pictures of Helen and Ransome, the paper's drama critic, but before Dick can show them to G. B., Clyde announces his engagement to Helen, and Dick decides to remain silent. When he learns that Tippy is going to be fired, Dick files a story under his name. The success of the story helps restore Tippy's confidence.

When Brooke learns what Dick has done, she decides to make up with him. That night, however, Brooke sees Dick with Yvette in a nightclub, where he has taken her prior to retrieving the hidden camera, and gives him a showy kiss. Yvette jealously storms away, and Brooke follows her. By the time Brooke arrives at Helen's apartment, Yvette has found Helen's body. Brooke calls the police, who arrive shortly after Dick and Stubby.

Later, Ransome confesses that he killed Helen, with whom he had been having an affair, when he struck her, but the autopsy reveals that she was poisoned. Although this seems to clear Ransome, Dick is convinced that he is guilty. He and Stubby retrieve the hidden camera, which reveals that Ransome poisoned Helen before he struck her. Brooke and Dick are reconciled, and Yvette, who is really from Brooklyn, heads off with fellow Brooklynite Stubby for a drink.


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