Keeping Fit 
Universal Pictures (short film)

Directed by Arthur Lubin
Written by Paul Huston
Associate Producer, Will Cowan

Released in 1942: for the War effort     


Watch the 9 minute Universal short film. It's historical!


An Aircraft Factory Worker Robert Stack
Co-worker Broderick Crawford
Andy, Aircraft Factory Worker Andy Devine
Plant Nurse Anne Gwynne
Irene, Dick's Wife Irene Hervey
Lon, Andy's Friend Lon Chaney, Jr.
Dick, another Aircraft Factory Worker Dick Foran
Susie, Irene and Dick's little girl Susan Levine ("Tagalong")
Irene's Maid Mary Gordon
Ann, Andy's wife Mary Wickes
Co-worker Don Porter
Plant Doctor Ralph Morgan
General Manager Russell Hicks
Miss Allbritton, Nutritionist Louise Allbritton


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