Man From Montreal
Universal Pictures 

Directed by Christy Cabanne
Written by Owen Francis
From a story suggested by Ben Pivar
A Ben Pivar Production

Released February 28, 1940

     Topnotch performances by Richard Arlen, Andy Devine and Anne Gwynne must be credited for this strong entry.  Film is sheet melodrama of the northwest woods with fur thieves pitted against the mounted police.  Arlen makes his trapper assignment a convincing figure even though sporting a typical Hollywood moustache.  Andy Devine outdoes recent screen efforts as Constable Blair.  

Anne Gwnne, former bathing suit beauty, shows considerable promise as a coming young actress in the role of Arlen's sweetheart.  The girl who nearly wrecks the honest trooper's life is portrayed by Kay Sutton in routine manner.





Richard Arlen

Andy Devine

Anne Gwynne ... Doris Blair

Kay Sutton

Reed Hadley

Addison Richards

Joseph Sawyer


Owne Francis- Writer 

Ben Pivar- Story

Christy Cabanne
- Director 

Ben Pivar- Producer

Milton Krasner- Cinematographer

Full Storyline

Trapper Clark Manning becomes the unwitting victim of Ross Montgomery and his wife Myrna when Montgomery, a criminal posing as a mining engineer, introduces Myrna to Clark as his sister. After winning Clark's confidence through Myrna, Montgomery asks the trapper to deliver a shipment of furs. Unknown to Clark, the furs are stolen, and the Mounties arrest him as part of the fur theft ring.

Rather than implicate Myrna in the crime, Clark remains silent and is sentenced to jail. Constable "Bones" Blair, Clark's Mountie friend, knows that the trapper is innocent, and decides to investigate for himself. Meanwhile, Clark escapes from jail, and while searching Montgomery's office, he finds proof of Montgomery's and Myrna's duplicity just as he walks in, and in the ensuing fight, Clark escapes into the night.

Montgomery instructs his henchman, Biff Anders, to kill Luther St. Paul, a trapper who has become suspicious of him, and frame Clark for the murder. Montgomery's frame-up works, and he then uses the fugitive Clark as a cover to kill more trappers and steal their furs. Sighted by the Mounties at St. Paul's cabin, Clark seeks refuge in Biff's mine shaft, where he begins to suspect that Biff is in league with Montgomery. Clark confides his supicions to Bones, and then returns to the mine to gather further evidence.

That night, Bones overhears Biff and Montgomery planning another theft and Clark's murder, and he promptly leads Captain Owens and the Mounties to the mine, arriving just in time to rescue Clark and apprehend Montgomery and his gang. Having learned his lesson about women, Clark falls in love with Bones's sister Doris (Anne Gwynne).


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