Melody Lane
Universal Pictures

Directed by Charles Lamont
Written by Hugh Wedlock, Jr., Howard Snyder, Morton Grant, George Rony
Story by Bernard Feins
A Ken Goldsmith Production

Released in 1941

    The Merry Macs are cast a a foursome of Iowa entertainers who head for New York but get involved in some trouble when a radio sponsor interferes with the show. Full story below.



Leon Errol

Anne Gwynne ... Patricia Reynolds

The Merry Macs (Judd, Ted, Joe McMichael, Mary Lou Cook)

Robert Paige

Baby Sandy


Hugh Wedlock, Jr., Howard Snyder, Morton Grant, George Rony- Writers 

Bernard Feins- Original story

Charles Lamont- Director 

Ken Goldsmith- Producer

Jerome Ash- Cinematographer

Otto Ludwig- Editor

Jack Otterson- Art Direction

Full Storyline

Advertising man, J. Roy Thomas, is stymied in his attempt to sign an act for his biggest client, Kornies Breakfast Food. Every time Thomas signs an act for the breakfast food's radio show, his deluded client, McKenzie, who fancies himself a musical talent, insists on joining the band and otherwise ruining the broadcast. Unable to find any local talent willing to put up with his client, Thomas sends his aide, Patricia Reynolds, played by an effervescent Anne Gwynne, to Yubaville, Iowa to sign the group Gabe Morgan's Rhythmeers.

While his band mates jump at the chance to move to New York City, Gabe is reluctant to take his orphaned niece, Baby Sandy, away from the quiet life of Yubaville. Pat uses her feminine wiles to woo both Gabe and Sandy, and the group finally agrees to the move.

The female Rhythmeer, Mary Lou, however, soon becomes jealous of Pat's intense interest in Gabe. Once they arrive in New York, Gabe and the band suffer the same fate as their predecessors, as McKenzie again insists on joining the act. After a particularly crazed rehearsal, Gabe threatens to quit the group and move back to Yubaville with his niece.

He is especially incensed because he suspects that Pat is romantically involved with Thomas, and that she "played him for a sucker" as she collected a $5,000 bonus for signing the band. The rest of the Rhythmeers are keen to stay, however, and Mary Lou is particularly determined, as she is the one who is actually involved with Thomas.

In the meantime, child performers Butch and Buddy, who have been seeking an audition with Thomas, finally corner McKenzie with their new act, which includes Sandy playing the xylophone, something she usually does with her uncle's group.

After a madcap audition, the two boys rush away, leaving the young girl behind. Sandy's apparent disappearance causes a sensation and leads to a frantic search. When McKenzie attempts to take the young girl back to Thomas' office, he is immediately arrested by the police for kidnapping.

The sponsor is taken to police headquarters, where he is met by Pat, Gabe, Thomas and Mary Lou. Pat then hatches a plan to blackmail McKenzie into agreeing to refrain from interfering with the Rhythmeers if they clear him of the kidnapping charges. McKenzie reluctantly agrees, just in time for the show's initial broadcast. As the show is about to begin, Thomas and Mary Lou announce their engagement, as do Gabe and Pat.


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