Meteor Monster (a.k.a. "Teenage Monster", "Monster on the Hill")
A Favorite Films Release, a Howco International Presentation

Director/Producer Jacques Marquette
Written by Ray Buffam

Released January 8, 1958

     A huge, hairy imbecile who goes around the countryside killing people for no particular reason -- the result of being struck years before by a weird ball of fire from the sky which also killed his father -- is played by Gilbert Perkins.  Now, Anne Gwynne, his mother, is keeping him hidden from the world, upset about the murders but still protective of her son.

     Story winds with his killing by Sheriff Stuart Wade, who also happens to be Miss Gwynne's b.f. [boyfriend].  Gloria Castillo plays a trollop who discovers the family's "secret", and who's paid off by mother until she, Castillo herself, is killed by Perkins.  

A horror video classic

Marketing tagline: "Teenage Titan of Terror on Lustful Binge."  ( ! )

Poster on left, above, is a classic, with distinctive mis-spelling
of "Weird", as "Wierd"  !


Full Storyline

In 1880, just outside of a small Western town, Jim Cannon, his wife Ruth and young son Charlie are still hoping to find gold in an abandoned mine. One day while Jim and Charlie are at the mine, a mysterious object falls from the sky, killing Jim and leaving Charlie seriously injured. Seven years later, Charlie has grown into a strapping teenager, but because of the strange accident, has remained childlike and developed hideous, hairy features.

Ruth (Anne Gwynne) kept Charlie's survival a secret from the local townspeople, but despite Ruth's best efforts to keep Charlie hidden, he often runs away. On these escapades, Charlie unwittingly has killed sheep and cattle in an attempt to play with them. One day after being confined in the mine for an especially long period, Charlie escapes and throttles a man to death when he refuses to allow Charlie to pet his burro. When Charlie returns to the cave, Ruth scolds him for running away and reminds him that if he is ever caught, the authorities will take him away from her. Soon after, Ruth and Charlie strike a rich gold vein in the mine.

Excited by the discovery, Ruth hastens into town with an ore sample to have it evaluated by the assayer, Fred Fox. While awaiting Fox's appraisal, Ruth dines with Bob the sheriff, a long-time admirer who hopes that Ruth will finally move into town and consider his offer of marriage.

Bob's deputy Ed interrupts the couple's meal to report that a dead man has been found outside of town. When Ed relates that the killing is similar to an unsolved murder that occurred the year before, Ruth realizes with horror that Charlie must be responsible.

When Ruth learns that the mine strike is legitimate, she arranges to buy Fox's large, modest house at the edge of town, hoping that living in a real home will soothe Charlie. One day some weeks later, Ruth departs on a date with Bob, causing Charlie to throw a tantrum at being left alone. When Ruth does not return by dusk, Charlie goes outside and attacks a neighbor and frightens several children. Charlie then kidnaps waitress Kathy North and takes her back to the house where his aggressive behavior causes Kathy to faint.

Meanwhile in town, Ruth overhears Ed telling Bob about the new murder and several children's description of a "monster" roaming the back roads. Bob worries about Ruth living alone on the town's outskirts, but she refuses his offer of help. At home that evening, Ruth is mortified to find Kathy passed out in the closet where a frightened Charlie has hidden her. After reviving Kathy, Ruth confesses that Charlie is her son and offers to pay Kathy $500 a month to remain silent about him.

When Kathy wonders how she could explain having so much money, Ruth suggests that Kathy become her companion. Ruth then tells Charlie she must lock him in the house for his own good. A few days later, Kathy meets her boyfriend, Marv Howell, who is anxious to borrow some money. Marv discovers the $500 in Kathy's purse and, believing that she has stolen it, threatens to expose her and takes the money.

Angry, Kathy returns to the Cannons where she tells Charlie of Marv's treatment and convinces Charlie to kill him. Upon returning home after murdering Marv that night, Charlie witnesses Bob kissing Ruth goodnight and, overcome with jealousy, attacks Bob. Upon reviving, Bob asks Ruth to describe the assault and she repeats the children's description of the monster. Later, Ruth confronts Kathy about freeing Charlie and Kathy brazenly admits to ordering Charlie to kill Marv. Kathy gloats about her newly found wealth and threatens to blackmail Ruth for more money to keep silent about Charlie.

Indignant over Kathy's callous greed, Ruth refuses to sign a note promising to pay Kathy $20,000. Meanwhile Bob and Ed discover Marv's body and decide to question Kathy, who was known as Marv's girl friend. Kathy feigns ignorance, then using Bob's presence to pressure Ruth, asks him to serve as witness to signing the $20,000 promissory note. When Bob privately quizzes Ruth about Kathy's recent activities, Ruth defends her. As Kathy and Charlie eavesdrop, Bob reiterates his concern for Ruth and again proposes, but Ruth remains evasive.

Kathy then rouses Charlie's anger at both Bob and Ruth, by convincing him that Ruth wants to abandon him. Later, however, Charlie is confused when he overhears Kathy scorn Ruth for her self-sacrifice. That afternoon at Kathy's urging, Charlie follows Bob and Ruth to the barn where Ruth turns down Bob's proposal, explaining that she has other obligations.

When Kathy prompts Charlie to attack the couple, Charlie becomes outraged and seizes Kathy, dragging her away. While riding out to meet Bob, Ed sees Charlie and Kathy. Bob, Ruth and Ed follow Charlie up a steep mountain where he tells Kathy he hates her for using him against his mother. The others watch in horror as Charlie then hurls Kathy off a cliff. Despite Ruth's plea to save her son, Bob shoots Charlie, who then falls to his death.


Anne Gwynne ... Ruth Cannon

Gloria Castillo

Stuart Wade

Gilbert Perkins

Stephen Parker

Charles Courtney

Norman Leavitt

Gaybe Mooridian


Ray Buffman- Writer

Jacquette Marquette- Director/ Producer

Taylor Byars- Cinematographer

Irving Schoenberg- Editor

Walter Greene- Editor


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