An Allied Artists Release

Directed by Lesley Selander
Written by Blake Edwards and John C. Champion
A John C. Champion - Blake Edwards Production

Released January 28, 1948

     Western period is expertly played, and beautifully lensed in sepia tones.  A reformed gunman again dons his six-shooters to avenge the murder of his brother.  Rod Cameron is pitted against Reed Hadley who has ambitions to control a western territory.  Cameron shoots his way through the gang and gives the top heavy a fatal dose of lead for the finale.

     Hadley does a first-rate bad guy with a suavely menacing air that registers.  Anne Gwynne, in the surprising role of the villain's secretary during an era when male clerks were the norm, nevertheless pleases and gets the hero in the end.


Catch the Movie Trailer of "Panhandle", and the onscreen kiss of the 2 leads



Rod Cameron

Anne Gwynne ... June O'Carroll

Reed Hadley

Cathy Downs

Blake Edwards

Dick Crokett

Francis McDonald


Blake Edwards & John Champion- Writers

Lesley Selander- Director 

John C. Champion & Blake Edwards- Producers

Harry Neumann- Cinematographer

Richard Herrmance Editor

Red Dunn- Music

Full Storyline

In a Mexican border town, former outlaw John Sands has become a respected storekeeper. One day, a customer, Jean "Dusty" Stewart, tells him that her father is one of several people who were recently murdered in the Texas town of Sentinel. She also mentions that the town's outspoken newspaper owner, Billy Sands, was killed, unaware that Billy was John's brother.

En route to Sentinel, John stops to buy a fresh horse and is spotted by a sheriff who knows him from his outlaw days. The sheriff tries to arrest him, but John shoots him in the hand. As he approaches Sentinel, John is attacked by three gunmen working for Matt Garson, owner of the Last Frontier Saloon, who is planning to become boss of the entire Texas panhandle. John outrides them, then in Sentinel, checks into the Blue Belle Hotel, where he meets June O'Carroll (Anne Gwynne), Garson's secretary.

John is soon approached by three of Sentinel's leading citizens, who want to hire him to clean up the town and drive Garson from the area, and John promises to think it over. After an encounter with Garson's hired gun, Floyd Schofield, John walks June back to her home, provoking Garson's jealousy. The next day, John rides out to the Stewart ranch and reveals to Dusty that he is Billy's brother. She tells John that she and Billy were to be married and shows him his grave.

Later, John is shot at by Schofield but when John confronts Schofield about it at the saloon, Garson supplies him with an alibi, provoking John to brawl with Jack, another Garson henchman. After John escorts June to Sunday mass, Garson tells him to leave town. June then tells Garson she wants nothing more to do with him and quits. When Schofield challenges John to a shootout in front of the saloon, John kills him and two others. John then has a final showdown with Garson, who he has determined was responsible for Billy's death, and with June's help, kills him. Later, John promises to return to June after he clears himself with the law.


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