Phantom of the Jungle
A Arrow/Lippert Release / Paramount Pictures (Foreign territories)

Directed by Spencer Bennet
Written by William Lively and Sherman L. Lowe
Produced by Rudolph C. Flothow

Released in 1955


When some American scientists venture into darkest Africa, they rile the local natives by stealing a sacred golden tablet.  Enter a compatriot doctor, who saves the lives of the naughty party before it's too late.


Braving danger from hostile Natives called the "Pack Rats", Dr. Tom Reynolds/Ramar of the Jungle (Jon Hall), Professor Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery) and Nancy Arlington (Anne Gwynne) go into the jungle seeking her father, Dr. Arlington (Kenneth MacDonald), believed to have died in an archaeological expedition.

They find him alive and rescue him from a renegade guide. After escaping an attack by Native Bessanos, under the leadership of the guide, who is killed in the fight, Reynolds recovers a golden tablet from the tribe.



Jon Hall

Anne Gwynne ... Dr. Nancey Arlington

Ray Montgomery

Kenneth McDonald

Carelton Young

James Griffith

Nick Stewart

Milton Wood


William Lively & Sherman L. Lowe- Writers

Spencer Bennet- Director

Rudolph C. Flothow- Producer


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