Sandy Is A Lady 
Universal Pictures 

Directed by Charles Lamont
Written by Charles Grayson
A Burt Kelly Production

Released May 22, 1940

Digging deep into the bag of hokey situations of the silent days, Universal parades Baby Sandy in her third feature. 

 Moppet, walking and talking her age of two years is caught in cute poses and baby antics wherever possible.  But overlay of slapstick comedy and thrills is pretty thick, and picture unwinds in episodic fashion.

     Tomato-tossing Sandy dodging across a street through heavy traffic and an extended high and dizzy sequence on steel framework of a tall building are a couple of the numerous old-time situations utilized to pad out the running time for feature length.  Watch for Anne Gwynne as Millie.



Baby Sandy

Butch and Buddy

Mischa Auer

Anne Gwynne ... Millie

Fritz Feld

Nan Grey

Edgar Kennedy


Charles Grayson- Writer 

Charles Lamont- Director 

Burt Kelly- Producer

Milton Krasner- Cinematographer

Full Storyline

It is important to Joe and Mary Phillips and their baby Sandy that Joe's employer, the P. J. Barnett Company, get the contract to build Maylor bridge, because it means a pay raise for Joe. Joe's raise hinges upon Davis, the man in charge of bids for the city, accepting his estimate. To insure that Joe will get the raise, the Phillips invite Mr. Barnett to dinner. As Mary shops for the evening's festivities, she leaves Sandy in the charge of Billy Pepino, an unemployed construction foreman who lives next door.

Billy, who has been fired as foreman on a Barnett building because Barnett considers him unlucky, is paid a visit by inventor Felix Lobo Smith, who has just developed a safety parachute for construction workers and hopes to sell it to Barnett. Billy accompanies Felix on a visit to Barnett's office, leaving Sandy in the care of his sons Mike and Pat, who take the toddler with them to perform in the streets.

Sandy crawls into a restaurant, where Felix, who has been thrown out of Barnett's office, is working when gangsters Nick Case and Murph come to demand protection money from Henri, the owner of the restaurant. When Henri orders the gangsters to leave, they place a bomb in the cloak room. Meanwhile, Felix, who has just been fired, leaves Sandy in the care of the cloakroom girl, who notifies Officer Rafferty of the lost baby.

Before Rafferty arrives, however, the bomb is found, and in the excitement, Sandy crawls away and climbs into a refuse truck. As Sandy is hauled around in the truck, Barnett's worthless nephew and his wife approach him for money. To win his sympathy, they tell him that they have a son, and he agrees to meet them at Henri's restaurant for lunch. The trash truck then returns to deposit Sandy at Henri's, where the nephew claims her. Barnett, touched, asks to take care of Sandy, and he takes her to the construction site, where she crawls into an elevator and shoots skyward.

Felix and Billy, who have come looking for work, join Barnett in his effort to save Sandy, and when Barnett falls from one of the girders, Felix saves him with his parachute, thus proving the value of his invention. Billy then claims Sandy, but Barnett insists that the baby is his nephew's son and promises Billy a lifetime job if the baby is a girl. To settle the argument, Rafferty takes Sandy back to the station.

When he gets waylaid chasing the gangsters, Sandy is found by Pat and Mike, who take her home. At dinner that night, Davis turns down the Barnett bid on the grounds that Joe has submitted the highest bid, but Sandy saves the day when she pulls some papers from Davis' pocket that prove that Joe submitted the lowest bid, thus winning the contract and his pay raise.


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