Sin Town
Universal Pictures
a.k.a."Sin City"

Directed by Ray Enright
Written by W. Scott Darling and Gerald Geraghty
Added Dialog by Richard Brooks
A George Waggner Production

Released on September 30, 1942

      Set in an oil-boom town of the 1920 era, 'Sin Town' proceeds to provide plenty of adventure entertainment.  A rough and rowdy outdoor drama.  After being hooked by oil lease promoter Leo Carrillo, bunko team of Broderick Crawford and Constance Bennett arrive in the boom town of Carsin.  Crawford, with persuasive salesmanship, saves Ward Bond from a lynching, and mov3es in to take over half interest in the town gambling layout and bar.  

     Not satisfied with the legitimate take, Crawford gets tangled with the law-abiding element - especially with the town's newspaper published by Anne Gwynne.  But Bond has his henchmen rouse things up, with result that the irate citizenry pounces on both con men, death for Bond following a dilly of a rough-and-tumble battle in the frontier saloon.  Crawford rides out of town with Miss Bennett, broke but happy to escape a debacle.



Constance Bennet

Broderick Crawford

Anne Gwynne ... Laura Kirby

Andy Devine

Leo Carrillo

Ward Bond


W. Scott Darling and Gerald Geraghty- Writers 

Ray Enright- Director 

George Waggner- Producer

George Robinson- Cinematographer

Edward Cutlass- Editor

Full Storyline

During the oil boom of the 1910s, confidence woman Kye Allen falsely claims that oilman Angelo Colina tried to take advantage of her while both are traveling by train. Her partner in crime, Martin "Dude" McNair, then comes to Colina's defense, and the oilman offers to sell him four prime Carsin oil plots out of gratitude. Arriving at the oil fields, however, Dude and Kye discover that they themselves have been swindled, as the wells are dry. Dude then meets and takes an immediate fancy to Laura Kirby (Anne Gwynne), daughter of the local newspaper publisher.

Arriving in Carsin, the two con artists learn that Laura's father has been murdered and saloon proprietor Rock Delaney has been accused of the crime. Dude stops the townspeople, who are led by Wade Crowell, Laura's fiancé, from lynching the saloon owner. In return for saving his life, Dude demands that Rock make him a partner and the saloon owner quickly agrees, making Kye worry. Dude calls a meeting of the Carsin gambling and saloon proprietors, saying that they must band together under his leadership.

When he demands protection money, however, saloon owner Kentucky Jones leaves the meeting, and later that night, his establishment is blown up. Kye visits Rock in jail and tells him that she will not let Dude be blamed for his violent actions. A town meeting is called to rally support against Rock and Dude, but it quickly breaks up when Dude falsely reports a giant oil strike.

Later, Dude tries to romance Laura as the heartbroken Kye secretly watches. When Judge Eustace Vale, an old friend of Dude and Kye, arrives in town, Dude finances his purchase of a fifty per cent interest in Laura's failing newspaper. Meanwhile, Kye offers to bankroll Wade's oil drilling with her life savings, only to discover that Dude has already spent the money on Laura's newspaper. The con man then admits that he has fallen in love with Laura, and the defeated Kye makes plans to leave town.

Later, Colina returns to Carsin in order to act as the front for Rock's purchase of a partnership in Wade's well. After Laura loans Wade her newfound money, however, he turns down the crooked oilman's offer. Rock then sends his henchman, Dry Hole, to sabotage Wade's well, knowing that Dude will be blamed for anything that happens. After Wade's well is blown up, Kentucky rallies the town against both Rock and Dude. While Kentucky eavesdrops from his hiding place, Rock sneaks into the saloon and confesses all to Dude.

The two men fight, and as the townspeople break through the saloon's barricades, Rock defeats Dude, but is killed by Kentucky. Dude is saved from a lynching by Kentucky, but then is ordered to leave town. Meanwhile, Laura and Kye arrive at Wade's well just in time to see it strike oil. Later, Kye meets Dude on a train and tells him that she has retrieved their $17,000 from Colina. The two then decide to settle down together in an honest life.


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