South of Dixie
Universal Pictures 
Miss Gwynne sings 2 songs !!
Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Written by Clyde Bruckman, Story by Sam Coslow
A Jean Yarbrough Production

Released May 24, 1944

    A lighter-than-air farce.  David Bruce, writer of southern pop tunes, is promoted as subject for a film biography of his life by an enterprising partner, Jerome Cowan, and latter figures Bruce must go south to whip up suitable family background.

     Anne Gwynne goes along as a tutor in the proper southern accent, and Bruce is unwillingly projected into romance with Ella Mae Morse, daughter of a southern Colonel; also subject of revival is an old family feud.  The episode is disclosed as a hoax and soon Bruce and Miss Gwynne are back in New York for the usual clinch.

      Miss Morse sings her trademark "Shoo Shoo Baby" and "Never Again." Bobby Brooks and his quartet, Lester Cole and his six Debutantes and The Charmers girl trio each make single appearances.

Anne Gwynne delivers a solo as does Bruce.  Miss Gwynne and Bruce team for a romantic ditty.



Anne Gwynne ... Dixie Holister

David Bruce

Jerome Cowan

Ella Mae Morse

Eddie Acuff

Mantan Moreland

Joe Sawyer

Music --
Bobby Brooks & Quartet
Lester Gold & The Debutantes
The Charmers


Clyde Bruckman- Writer 

Sam Coslow- Story

Jean Yarbrough- Director & Producer

Jerome Ash- Cinematographer

Paul Landres- Editor

Full Storyline

Struggling New York music publisher Bill "Brains" Watson convinces the Apex Film Company to produce a film based on the life of his partner, songwriter Danny Lee. 'Brains', however, has told the filmmakers that the Brooklyn-born Danny, whose real name is Danny Grant, is a descendant of the famous Southern Josh Lee family. After Danny agrees to participate in the hoax, Brains hires Southern belle Dixie Hollister (Anne Gwynne) to tutor Danny in the South's language and manners.

When he arrives in the South, Danny, much to his chagrin, is given a hero's welcome and soon finds himself attached to Dixie's old friend, Annabelle Hatcher. Danny then learns that the Hatchers have been feuding with the Lee family for years, and is forced to dress as a woman in order to sneak out of the Hatcher home and avoid being shot by Annabelle's brothers, Ernest and Jay. Later, Danny becomes the house guest of Southern aristocrat Colonel Andrew J. Morgan, an old friend of Josh Lee.

After a week of Morgan's hospitality, Danny is coerced by Brains into romancing Morgan's daughter Barbara Ann. Brains then arranges Danny's engagement to Barbara Ann, unaware that Danny and Dixie have fallen in love. The Morgans hold a masked ball, during which Morgan plans to announce the engagement over a national radio broadcast. Danny tries to tell the truth to Morgan before the broadcast, but Brains stops him by knocking the songwriter unconscious.

During the radio broadcast, however, Dixie tells Morgan the truth about Danny's heritage, and the colonel exposes the hoax. Danny, Dixie and Brains then escape from the Morgan home and return to New York, where they learn that the filmmakers are actually thrilled with the turn of events and now want to film Danny's life story as a comedy.

On a train to Hollywood, Danny is reunited with Dixie, who, having been hired as a technical advisor on the film, begins her assignment by teaching the songwriter how to kiss.


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