M o t i o n   P i c t u r e s

~  S e e   C a s t,   P r o d u c t i o n   T e a m,  a n d   R e v i e w s   ~   L i s t e d   b y   R e l e a s e   D a t e  ~

Unexpected Father  (Universal)

2) The Big Guy  (Universal)

3) Charlie McCarthy, Detective (Universal)

4) Little Accident  (Universal)

5) Oklahoma Frontier  (Universal)

6) It's a Date  (Universal) *

7) The Green Hornet  (Universal serial) *

8) The Man from Montreal   (Universal)

9) Black Friday  (Universal) 

10) Sandy Is a Lady  (Universal)

11) Spring Parade  (Universal) 

12) Give Us Wings  (Universal)

13) Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 
Be Sure & Check This Out -- Special series of Anne Gwynne photos & video, as Sonja, bad girl confidant of Ming the Merciless !

14) Bad Man from Red Butte  (Universal)

15) Framed  (Universal)

16) Honeymoon Deferred  (Universal)

17) The Black Cat  (Universal)

18) Nice Girl  (Universal)

19) Tight Shoes  (Universal)

20) Mob Town  (Universal)

21) Washington Melodrama  ( MGM )

22) Melody Lane  (Universal)

23) Road Agent  (Universal)

24) Keeping Fit  (Universal short) 

25) Ride 'Em Cowboy  (Universal)

26) You're Telling Me  (Universal)

27) The Strange Case of Dr. Rx  (Universal)

28) Broadway  (Universal)

29) Sin Town  (Universal)


Jail House Blues  (Universal)

31) Men of Texas  (Universal)

32) Don't Get Personal  (Universal)

33) We've Never Been Licked   (Universal)  

34) Frontier Badmen  (Universal)

35) Top Man  (Universal)

36) Ladies Courageous  (Universal)

37) Weird Woman  (Universal)  

38) Moon Over Las Vegas  (Universal) *

39) Murder in the Blue Room  (Universal)

40) South of Dixie  (Universal)

41) Babes on Swing Street  (Universal)

42) House of Frankenstein  (Universal)

43) Fear  (Monogram)

44) The Glass Alibi  (Republic)

45) I Ring Doorbells  (PRC)

46) Killer Dill  (Screen Guild)  

47) The Ghost Goes Wild  (Republic)

48) Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome  (RKO)

49) The Enchanted Valley  (Eagle-Lion)

50) Panhandle  (Allied Artists

51) Arson, Inc.  (Lippert

52) Call of the Klondike  (Monogram)

53) The Blazing Sun  (Columbia Pictures)

54) King of the Bullwhip  (Realart)

55) Breakdown  (Realart)

56) Phantom of the Jungle  (Lippert/Paramount)*

57) Meteor Monster  (Howco
      (a.k.a. 'Teenage Monster'

58) Adam at 6 A.M.  (National General) *

T e l e v i s i o n

E p i  s o d i c   &   G u e s t   S t a r r i n g

Public Prosecutor

_1) The Case of the Cookie Shop Murder

_2) The Case of
the Thousand Terrors

_3) The Case of
the Double Clue

_4) The Case of
the Crepe for Suzette

_5) The Case of
the Body Beautiful

_6) The Case of
the Bandaged Hand

_7) The Case of
the Dead Man's Voice

_8) The Case of
the Devil's Heart

_9) The Case of
the Shattered Mirror

10) The Case of
the Surprised Corpse

11) The Case of
the Swarthy Man

12) The Case of
the Mayan Dagger

13) The Case of
the Clue Girls

14) The Case of
the Eye Witness

15) The Case of
the Talking Horseshoe

16) The Case of
the Murder Melody

17) The Case of
the Strange Suicide

18) The Case
of the Man Who Wasn't There

19) The Case of
the Jade Flute

20) The Case of
the Innocent Lion

21) The Case of
the Missing Hour

Guest Star

Ramar of the Jungle (1954) **
Three episodes which were re-edited into the 1955 feature film "Phantom of the Jungle"

The Line Up
"The Wharton Case" 
May 18, 1956

Death Valley Days
"Train of Events
April 22, 1957

U S Marshall

Syndicated Series 1959
Re-run as "Sheriff of Cochise"

Northwest Passage
"The Ambush"

February 6, 1959



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