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STAYS TRIM (from Monogram Pictures "Fear" press book)
Anne Gwynne, leading lady of Monogram's tense mystery drama, "Fear," has not lost or gained one pound in five years of cinema work.  She claims a balanced diet did it for her, rather than a strict diet at intervals.  Miss Gwynne is co-stars with Peter Cookson in the drama.  "Fear" is Anne Gwynne's first Monogram feature.

(from Monogram Pictures 12 page "Fear" press book of 1946)
"Fear," Monogram's psychological thriller now being shown in theatres everywhere, furnished plenty of off-stage mystery and suspense for producer Lindsley Parsons before it was filmed.  The intensely dramatic picture co-stars Peter Cookson, Anne Gwynne and Warren Williams.  When Parsons opened negotiations with Miss Gwynne's agent to cast her in the feminine lead, he was told that she was in Texas, but would be back in Hollywood before the picture went into production.

The contract with her agent was signed.  "Fear" went before the cameras, and Parsons was confronted with the real-life mystery of a missing screen star, though the actress was not scheduled to appear on the lot until the picture had been in production for three days.  The appointed day, when Miss Gwynne was supposed to shoot her love scenes with Peter Cookson, arrived on schedule -- but the movie queen did not!

Frantic calls to her agent revealed that Miss Gwynne, who had been settling a family estate in San Antonio, was caught by ODT travel restrictions.  An anxious week of wires between the star and the studio followed, and the shooting schedule was shifted to film scenes in which the actress did not appear.

When, finally, even the telegrams stopped, the producer decided that perhaps negotiations for another actress to replace Miss Gwynne would be necessary.  But at the eleventh hour, Miss Gwynne arrived.  During the time she was out of touch with the studio, she had been able to get an automobile ride to Hollywood.  Monogram did not have quite as much suspense in putting Nestor Palva, Almira Sessions, James Cardwell and Lee "Lasses" White in the cast.  "Fear" was directed by Alfred Zeisler.


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